Traveling Sustainability

Traveling Sustainability

The corona-virus pandemic got us on the wrong foot at the beginning of the year 2020. Lives have been badly affected, and our travels have been put on hold. However, there shall still be an end, and we will be back to normal soon. We have no reason for burying our heads about sustainable travel when normalcy is restored. To make your journey more sustainable, you need to answer three questions.

  • Where you want to go/your destination
  • What you need to pack
  • The means you use to get to your destination

Your Destination

The further away from home you travel, the higher the carbon footprint. I recommend that you explore local adventures like the museum and beaches. I encourage you to go local to eat much that is locally manufactured and always have enough reasons for any purchase that you make. Do not be fooled or be exploited just because I said you go local. Substituting meat with veggies is healthy but also check the package that comes with the veggies. You better take your organic meat than the Almond milk packed in plastics that are harmful to the environment. Visit places that have a giving back impact on society.

Means of Transport

I said travel closer to your home, but if you must travel far, use airlines that Eco friendly. Airlines that are working towards the reduction of fuel usage and minimizing noise pollution are the best for you. Use boats and ship wherever possible. An adventure in the water is an amazing one, not only to the traveler but to the environment. The train can also come in handy for some destinations compared to vehicles and airplanes in terms of carbon emission.

Your Package/luggage

Do not go shopping for clothes that you will end up selling after your trip if you have to buy, let them locally manufactured, and durable. Carry as minimum load with you as possible, the more weight you carry, the more energy is required by airplanes and other modes of transport to take off. The extra weight you carry means more fuel has to be burned, which is undoing to the environment. If you can travel without your phone, the better, consider minimizing the applications that consume a lot of energy. Another effect of your phone is that it contributes to greenhouse emissions. Probably you did not know that taking and sharing photos increase cloud storage, which is a source of greenhouse emission, now you know.

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