Great Books To Pick-up in 2020

Great Books To Pick-up in 2020

The year 2020 has come with several challenges that we may not forget throughout our lives. The corona-virus pandemic has particularly drained world economies and has left a very minimal room for innovation. However, the same year has come up with several heroes who are here to ensure that our libraries are well stocked. Some of the best booksellers which could very soon their books in the high school set books arena are as follows.

1.Marie Benedict with the book (Lady Clementine)

She represents the feminine gender with her moving story of Winston Churchill. She narrates the engagement and marriage life of Clementine, who was Churchill’s wife. Much about the advice Churchill got from his wife throughout his career makes this book a mouth-watering piece.

2.The Mercies By( Kiran Millwood Hargrave)

The book talks about men’s disappearance and witches in totality. The book narrates a period of witches dating back to the 16th century, which preceded a storm that claimed the lives of all local men in Finland.

3.Saint X By (Alexis Schaitkin)

The novel is about two ladies Claire and her sister Alison. Alison went missing when they were on vacation at Saint X on the Caribbean island.

4. Follow Me BY (Kathleen Barber)

Narrates about a lady is known as miller who lives a luxurious life in the United States capital of Washington. Her online life comes into the limelight.

5.Afterlife By (Julia Alvarez)

The author of such novels, like The Time of butterflies, has another one this year. It is about a retired professor known as Antonia, who had a hell of a time after the demise of her husband.

6.Deacon king Kong By (James McBride)

The story is about the shooting of a drug dealer by a deacon. The shooting ignites an argument between the church, the neighborhood, and other witnesses.

7.The Glass Hotel By (Emily St John Mandel)

It is about a late-night threat in a hotel where Vincent used to work. The following the owner and her got married. Pick yourself a copy of the listed novels for your library.

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